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In the 19th century, a group of settlers inhabited the lower slopes of Bennachie.  From their toil and sweat they built simple thatched cottages and turned rocky heather moor into arable fields surrounded by substantial stone dykes, all with materials from the hillside.  The settlers became known as the “Bennachie Colonists”.  The ruins of these crofts are still visible today and one in particular, known as Shepherds Lodge, still shows evidence of a kitchen garden or “Kailyard”.  To celebrate 2017 as the year of History Heritage and Archaeology, the Heritage Lottery Fund awarded the Bailies of Bennachie/Bennachie Landscapes Project a grant to recreate this kailyard to demonstrate how the land was used in the past and to provide opportunities for further involving community groups in the Bennachie Colony.

At the end of 2016 the Bennachie Landscapes Project (BLP) appointed a sub-group to guide this project through.  The following entries are a diary of how the volunteers involved are approaching this task.  As 2017 progresses entries of their progress are being logged which highlights their achievements, problems, mistakes, and personal enjoyment.



A Note to all Volunteers: 

After each event there will be a short write up by the Kailyard Sub-Group.  Any comments from those helping are welcome.  We would love to hear about your experience - whether it is about the job you were doing, what the weather was like, any observations such as wildlife, or perhaps how you felt about the site and its connection with the Colonists.  


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