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Whilst walking from Rowan Tree car park last Tuesday (26th June) I noticed someone had started decorating the trees already (with bags of dog poo) it’s a pity they didn’t save their “baubles” for their own tree at the appropriate time. Christmas isn’t due for a few months yet, but then if you walk around with their sort of mentality I’m not surprised they get a little confused. GET A LIFE DOPEY most of us prefer leaves on trees at this time of year. Bennachie is a great place to be, we go there to see the views, not the piews, (I know it’s spelt wrong). This rant is from the other 99.9% of walkers on the hill.

I am not a dog owner myself so I find the mess left behind by other peoples dogs particularly objectionable.

I therefore find it heartening to see that the majority of dog owners are embracing the new culture of taking responsibility for their pet's leavings and bagging them.

I too have seen these bags left in various places along the paths and have always assumed the owners have left them there rather than have to carry them for their whole walk, with the intention of picking them up on the way back to the carpark. Can't say I blame them to be honest, I wouldn't much enjoy having to carry a bag of jobbies all the way up to the Mither Tap along with my sandwiches and back again. I notice these bags are usually off the path but clearly visible so the owners can find them again. I see no grounds for objection myself.

February 12, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterGD